How To Create a Web-to-CRM Lead Form That Works
Using a web-to-CRM lead form has a variety of benefits, the greatest of which is the ability to streamline the process of moving a lead from the web straight to a sales consultant. The two biggest issues you face when developing a web-to-CRM lead form are (1) getting prospects to fill it out and hit submit and (2) ensuring that the information gathered is organized and simple so that when your sales team gets it, they can act on it right away.
Does Your Trade Show Need a CRM?
Once a trade show grows to a certain size, it simply becomes too difficult to manage exhibit sales, marketing, and customer support communications without some level of automation. Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become the go-to solution for tracking conversations and engagement with prospects and customers—especially when the numbers are big. But, show size is only one reason an organizer might look to a CRM for help. Here are some others: Inefficient sales process. You... more
Four  Ways to Approach Trade Show Sales Automation 
There are multiple ways to approach the exhibit, sponsorship, and advertising sales process for exhibitions. Each one is different. Some may be better than others. Nothing. The manual—no free Google software, lots of folders with copies of emails inside, Rolodex card (yes, they still exist)—system is the choice for many small organizations that can’t afford or don’t have the expertise to automate. It sounds crazy in the age of apps, but not every organizer chooses to automate and...more
What is an Event Sales CRM?
When you’re drowning in spreadsheets and multiple databases, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a better way to organize your sales process. If you’re spending all of your time on a system you’ve built organically—even if it’s one that’s inefficient—you may not have the opportunity or inclination to investigate automation. If you find yourself in that situation, there are a couple of things you should know. The concept of customer relationship management as a software category has evolved... more
How to Sell Your Sales and Marketing Team on a CRM
What happens when your board or your leadership is interested in a CRM but your sales and marketing team isn’t? Some people can be incredibly resistant to change, especially when it comes to how they do their jobs. They get into a groove and it can be difficult to convince them to do things differently. Nevertheless, it’s possible to convince employees to give your CRM a chance. You know a CRM can be good for your organization. You’ve already been sold on the software because you’ve done all... more
Essential Tips for Improving Data Migration to a CRM
Whether you’ve decided to move from one CRM platform to another or you’re taking the leap from spreadsheets to a CRM, there are a couple of things you can do to ease the pain of migrating your data.
If You Haven’t Changed Your Event Sales Process In Decades
For years, the process for selling exhibit space and sponsorships was essentially the same. Sales representatives would get a mailing list, member directory or exhibitor list (from a competing show). They would send a letter (later an email) to warm up the prospect, and then pick up the phone to make the pitch. A sale is more complex today—from identifying the prospects to making the call. Many are turning to automation to help simplify the process. No one answers the phone. If caller ID and... more
Event Sales Teams Need More in Today’s Business Environment
Selling exhibit space and sponsorships for trade shows has changed. While the work flow—send an email, place a follow up call, send out information, close the deal—remains relatively the same in many organizations, the buying process, tools, practices, and required skill sets have change dramatically. Selling for events today is a whole new ball game.
Integrating Marketing Automation Software with a CRM
There are many reasons why an event organizer would want to integrate a marketing automation tool with a CRM. Having a clear picture of the entire revenue-making process, coordinating activities and tasks across departments, and making sure that no leads are overlooked are just a few. But, once the decision is made to go ahead, there are a couple of things to consider before writing the check. Compatibility. Let’s face it. Sales and marketing departments don’t always work well together. The... more
How to Use Social Media to Sell More Exhibit Space
Social media has become a popular tool for event professionals. It provides them with ample opportunities for social listening (keeping tabs on what people are saying about your company, association, or event), making connections, and helping to increase sales. When you’re hosting or organizing an event, social media can be an invaluable resource for finding and introducing your trade show or conference to potential participants. Here are a few tips to help you use social selling to bring... more
How Your Event Sales CRM Could Work with an Apple Watch
Wearables like the Apple watch are piquing the interests of event planners and attendees alike. From NFC access to events to real-time notifications, the Apple watch provides event professionals with a plethora of opportunities to engage their attendees. But what can the Apple watch do to benefit event sales?
Using Sales Automation to Amplify Your Soft Skills
As a category, sales automation technology sounds mechanical. So much so that even the most skilled salesperson, one who relies on gut instinct or natural charm to sell booth space and sponsorships, might shy away from the concept. Many of the most talented “rainmakers” loathe even the slightest form of technology because it’s just not their thing. The reality is that with a solid automation process backing them up, their natural talent for bringing home the bacon can really shine... more
Why Build ShowCycle on Top of Salesforce?
The days of building software from scratch are over. In the open-source world there are frameworks, foundations, and tools available to realize greater productivity, increased profits, and happier customers without having to start from square one. We decided to build ShowCycle on top of Salesforce, the most popular cloud-based enterprise CRM system. Here are a few of the reasons why: Salesforce Uses the Cloud - Salesforce.com is a cloud-based platform and with that comes all the advantages... more


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