The days of building software from scratch are over. In the open-source world there are frameworks, foundations, and tools available to realize greater productivity, increased profits, and happier customers without having to start from square one. We decided to build ShowCycle on top of Salesforce, the most popular cloud-based enterprise CRM system. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Salesforce Uses the Cloud - Salesforce.com is a cloud-based platform and with that comes all the advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing saves time and money as it can be up and running in days or weeks and helps to eliminate the need for new hardware or software purchases. All you have to do is pull up a browser, login, and get to work. Additionally, cloud computing allows for the platform to operate like a utility - you only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic (Salesforce upgrades 3 times per year), and it’s easy to scale up or down.

Integration of Services - Because Salesforce is made up of a core set of technologies that can be easily customized and built upon, it has been utilized by hundreds of thousands of businesses to create a wide variety of apps and tools that make a real impact. The ease of development on the platform means that companies with apps built on Salesforce (such as Time Warner, ADP, and Virgin America) can also easily integrate and utilize tools such as Mailchimp, Docusign, and PowerDialer.

Community of Support - Salesforce is currently being used by over 2 million people worldwide. Salesforce leverages this passionate community of users, experts, developers, and partners to create a support system that lets you quickly and easily find the help and training you need in order to be successful. This community also provides the opportunity to create groups, collaborate on projects, and contribute ideas and suggest new features for the Salesforce platform.

Open Source - Open source means that the source code for a software is available openly to the public. This also means that the software is developed and maintained by a group. Multiple developers working on a single, open source project means that the project will ultimately be more robust than it could have been if it were developed by any one person or company. The collaborative maintenance of Salesforce means that the platform is always getting better and always being upgraded, so you’ll never be behind the curve.

Event Applications - We’ve discovered that Salesforce and the event industry are a winning combination. The platform is used by companies such as Cvent, Eventbrite, and eTouches. There’s a wide variety of trade show organizers who use the platform to suit their needs as well. With all of the basic programming taken care of, we can move in directions that accommodate our event-industry customers' unique requirements easily and quickly.

Because of these benefits (and more), we’ve chosen to build ShowCycle on Salesforce.com’s robust and ever-evolving technology. We want our customers to always have the best sales and marketing solution, so we started with the best foundation. How are you managing your prospects and customers?


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