ShowCycle and Salesforce work together to provide an unparalleled event sales management experience. We chose Salesforce for you, and here’s why…

1. Same User Interface

Sharing the same user interface as Salesforce makes ShowCycle so much easier for you to learn and use. A large number of people are already familiar with Salesforce’s intuitive interface, so adopting new technology takes less time, reduces frustration, and drives results quickly for a swift ROI.

2. Same Database

All of your show data and sales information is stored in your instance of Salesforce. You are in complete control of your data at all times. With a reliable platform and storage, you can treat your customized version of Salesforce like a data warehouse - storing years of show data in once central place, accessing it at any time.

3. Platform upgrades 3 times a year

Salesforce releases platform upgrades three times a year. These upgrades are seamless to you and are included in your subscription. You are always on the leading edge of technology.

4. Scalable

Salesforce is the leading cloud platform providing unlimited scalability to grow as your computing and storage needs scale up (or down). Hundreds of enterprise customers such GE, Coca- Cola, and American Red Cross have made Salesforce a critical component of their business and technology strategy.

5. Hundreds of other productivity plugin applications available

Literally hundreds of productivity applications are available from Salesforce AppExchange, the world's leading business app marketplace. Many of these apps are free or available at a discount for non-profit organizations.

6. Build your own app

If you have the resources, and the will, you can build your own app on the Salesforce platform to extend ShowCycle and Salesforce functionality.

7. The platform of choice for more than 100,000 customers and 2 million users

Salesforce currently boasts more than 100,000 customers and 2,000,000 users worldwide. Among them are Fortune 500 companies, SMB organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits that span almost all possible fields of industry

8. Secure platform - satisfies IT concerns

Salesforce is secure. The platform has been tested and accepted by companies that are mandated by law to practice strict security standards. With three releases a year, and security patches as needed, Salesforce assures that the system is secure at all times.


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