Wearables like the Apple watch are piquing the interests of event planners and attendees alike. From NFC access to events to real-time notifications, the Apple watch provides event professionals with a plethora of opportunities to engage their attendees. But what can the Apple watch do to benefit event sales?

Recently, Salesforce (the underlying foundation of ShowCycle) announced a few new tools that can be integrated with the Apple Watch to benefit the whole enterprise: Salesforce1 and the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. With an event CRM at the center, here’s how it could play out for event organizations

While it may not be appropriate for entering data, the Apple Watch can provide a mobile salesperson with a real-time way to keep up with his or her customers at every step of the sales process. Has a prospect just signed up? A notification can alert a sales person to call and thank them. Has marketing just entered a bunch of new leads into the system? An alert can notify your sales team. Notifications can be used in a variety of ways to help sales people operate more efficiently.

Notifications can be of benefit to sales managers as well. Tracking apps such as the Salesforce Analytics Cloud can show, at a glance, a variety of metrics to indicate how their team is performing. Are sales people hitting their numbers? Is anyone slacking? Are there any problems? Apple Watch apps such as Salesforce1 can even provide sales managers with the ability to manage approval requests from their sales team members right from the watch.

A group sales manager managing multiple events, can gain valuable insights from metrics relating to exhibitors, event space, sponsorships, etc. in order to make informed decisions about their events. Additionally, the apps available on the Apple Watch can help a CEO organize and track his or her tasks throughout the day so they won’t skip a beat!

Marketers can also utilize the Apple Watch to track their campaigns and receive alerts when a campaign surpasses its goal. When your marketing team members know they can easily see what’s working in their campaigns, they can leverage that insight to better support your sales department.

Even customer service managers can use the Apple Watch to receive an alert when a case has been escalated or when call wait times are about to exceed their thresholds.

The Apple Watch’s greatest advantage is enabling your entire enterprise to respond to a variety of situations quickly with alerts and real-time information. When your team has metrics, data, and the insights they need at a glance, your prospects and customers will notice.


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