ShowCycle to Launch First CRM Platform for Trade Shows

Columbia, Maryland, November 24, 2014—ShowCycle, the first standalone CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform built exclusively for trade show and conference sales teams, will debut on December 9, 2014 during the Expo! Expo! trade show in Los Angeles.

ShowCycle is the brainchild of the Columbia, Maryland-based team from Fantail Consulting and Technologies, the builders of customized software solutions and integrations for the trade show industry led by CEO Pat Pathade.

"Until now, there has always been a missing piece to the life cycle of trade show and conference production—software that organizes the booth and sponsorship sales and marketing work flow and can easily plug into existing floor plan management programs that do not have CRM capabilities,” Pathade explains.

ShowCycle is built on top of Salesforce, a leading cloud-based enterprise CRM system currently being used by over 2 million people worldwide. It addresses many of the unique elements of trade show booth and sponsorship sales, such as priority points, lead distribution, space rebooking, and lead capture. It also integrates with marketing automation platforms, including Pardot, ExactTarget, Hubspot and others.

“Because many trade show and conference organizers are already using Salesforce to manage their existing sales and marketing activities, ShowCycle will be familiar to them. Rather than invent a product from the ground up, we were deliberate in leveraging the popularity and usability of Salesforce to address a pain point that our customers have been telling us about for years,” Pathade adds.

ShowCycle is set to announce that it has already partnered with several major trade show organizers when they launch on December 9. They will be exhibiting at the Expo! Expo! trade show in booth 446.

About ShowCycle and Fantail:

ShowCycle is the sister company of Columbia, Maryland-based Fantail Consulting and Technologies.

Fantail was founded in 2009 at the depths of one of the greatest economic slowdowns in modern history. But, with a small and carefully selected team of talented individuals at the core, CEO Pat Pathade has built a technology company based on quality, ingenuity, perfection, speed, flexibility, and affordability that serves leading trade show organizers such as National Association of Broadcasters and the National Restaurant Association.


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