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Extending the familiar features and functions of Salesforce, ShowCycle is designed specifically for trade show industry exhibit booth and sponsorship sales. Manage the complete lifecycle of your event sales from show to show using all of the familiar features of the world's leading CRM platform. Read more...

Lead Capture

It’s time to get smart about lead capture - really, really smart. Lead capture web forms, unlike any you have seen before, list booth options and "interested in exhibiting" categories. Each show type is unique, and so it has its own lead form. Forget about manual entry… This is where the magic really happens! When a lead is submitted via the website, ShowCycle automatically digests the information on the form. Then, it looks up historical data to figure out where the lead should go next. When the lead is already in the system as a past exhibitor, for example, it is sent to the previous account representative. New leads go into a round robin queue. Customizable lead rules, such as exhibiting category, will further distribute the lead. The receiving sales person is free to close the deal with no distractions.

Rebook Campaign

Usher in the dawn of a new era for your show with Rebook Campaigns. Rebooking is where the next show cycle begins and is essential to the ongoing success of your show. The Rebook process is absolutely critical, and was an extremely complex job – until now.

ShowCycle’s Rebook Campaign feature is designed to intuitively reach your past exhibitors, generate mailing lists incorporating priority points and categories, and integrate email marketing in just one click. Salesforce features that you count on for success are tied in, so you can streamline your marketing. Use any combination of contact roles to compile the mailing list. Send marketing emails, store copies of the sent emails for each contact, and see the "email read" confirmation. Save time and capitalize effectively on your contacts with the Rebook Campaign.


Manage event booth space sales and track exhibitors assigned to those booths with ShowCycle’s comprehensive module. ShowCycle fully and tightly integrates with a2z or Map Your Show. The single sign-on feature makes logging into your a2z or Map Your Show account lightning fast, transferring relevant information into the partner system, and pulling booth information back into ShowCycle. Rich booth information drives dashboards, Rebook Campaigns, email communications, customizable reports, and much more. Forget about double and manual entry – the information is all there, ready to go.

Pricebooks for Each Show

ShowCycle creates multiple pricebooks for multiple shows, using one easy management solution. Set up as many pricebooks as you want across your event. The sky is the limit. Each pricebook is configurable to hold a unique set of products and prices. Pricebooks are used throughout ShowCycle, and across Opportunities, Orders, and the Opportunity Roll Over Wizard.

Orders, Invoices, Payments

Orders, invoices, and payments – your three new favorite words! The Orders module tracks the order information for sales, tightly relates to Opportunities, and optionally integrates fully with a2z and Map Your Show. Order information drives dashboards, customizable reports, and much more.

The Invoice module can be used integrated with a2z and Map Your Show, or standalone. It manages all aspects of invoicing and is fully customizable. Set up rate plans and billing schedules, and email invoices from ShowCycle manually or in bulk. Detailed invoice reports are standard with ShowCycle.

The Payments module tracks payments in ShowCycle by syncing with payment transaction systems. Or in standalone mode, it can process payments via check or credit card payments right from within ShowCycle. The Payments module also handles refunds. Detailed payment reports come built in with ShowCycle.

Integrated with Expo Systems

The Floor Plan module integrates ShowCycle with a2z and Map Your Show. Integration touch points include Accounts, Contacts, Contact Roles, Opportunities, Booths, Orders, and Contracts. The completely automatic integration process is bi-directional and can be performed in near real time. The integration scales to literally any number of shows, and any amount of data. The module comes with detailed performance reports and alerts.

Pacing Report

Is your show on track? The Pacing Report, included on the ShowCycle dashboard for quick viewing, tracks your success year after year. Critical lifecycle charts in this report include the quantity of booth space booked, number of exhibitors, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations. Scheduled data collection runs in the background of ShowCycle, with the Pacing Report always showing you the most active and current show information. Keep moving forward with real-time reporting.

Opportunity Roll Over

This is where ShowCycle really gets to shine! In just four clicks, you can set up the entire sales pipeline for the next "show cycle," rolling over the Opportunities from your last Show. You can decide how the Opportunities roll over, and what Opportunity stage rolls over into the next new show. For example, you might say all Opportunities that were Cancelled roll over to a slightly higher sales probability than those that were Lost.

With the pipeline setup, you immediately get built-in Opportunity Reports through the Show Dashboard, and you get to work. Do a trial run and analyze the results offline in Microsoft Excel. This feature is the culmination of four years of hard work and experience, with helpful input from real users and clients… Thanks, guys.

Prospects Campaign

Marketers will love this feature. The Prospects module maintains a dynamic list of prospective exhibitors for each show type drawn from your entire universe of Leads and Contacts, and based on their show exhibiting interest. As prospective exhibitors keep signing up throughout the show cycle, converted exhibitors are automatically removed from the dynamic list. Thus, at any given time, you have a current list of prospective exhibitors who have previously expressed interest in a specific show. The list is available for export, email, call, or transfer into other marketing automation programs such as Pardot or Exact Target.

Priority Points

The Priority Points feature helps you calculate and track Priority Points earned by exhibitors in your show. The module comes with four ways of calculating earned points: one point per booth, one point per 100 sq. ft., one point per show regardless of number of booths, and the custom formula method. The module allows you to write custom code that hooks into ShowCycle. Just a few lines of code should suffice, no crazy custom coding required here. The Priority Points module also tracks the date, time and user who processed the priority points. Once processed for a show, Priority Points are locked down from further changes.

Eliminate years of priority points clutter as well too. You have the option to keep history data only for a set number of years, and then the system automatically deletes older, less relevant information. Detailed reports listing the Priority Points earned for a show, and for the past shows, are available.

Priority Points are integrated into the Rebook Campaign. You can easily schedule rebook appointments based on Priority Points. Check this out – You can set up an email to alert exhibitors if they are at risk of losing their priority position entirely should they not exhibit in the current year's show.

Historical Exhibiting Categories

Here is a useful little gem for tradeshow pros... ShowCycle stores a unique list of exhibiting categories tracked at the Account level. This, together with the history of which shows the company exhibited in, provides some interesting insight that can help your marketing efforts for future shows. Ever consider cross marketing across shows? Imagine pulling a unique list of all the companies who ever exhibited in a specific category, or a list of all exhibitors who have ever exhibited in one category but not the other. Pretty useful, eh?

Show Dashboard

ShowCycles makes managing trade show sales highly effective and super easy. Taking our knowledge of the industry a step further, ShowCycle provides at-a-glance vital information in the Show Dashboard. Central to ShowCycle, and your sales efforts, the comprehensive Show Dashboard makes the most pertinent data for any of your currently active shows effortlessly visible. There is only one instance of a dashboard, and it comes with ShowCycle completely configured for you. The dashboard is constantly and dynamically adjusting to show you important stats. All you do is pick which active show you wish to see, and ShowCycle digests the information – presenting it in a quick, easy to understand format.

Did we mention that the Show Dashboard works incredibly fast? It’s almost in real time, so you never miss an opportunity or lose sight of the bigger picture.


Knowledge is power, and Reports help you harness the vast amount of information sorted and stored by ShowCycle efficiently. Salesforce is known throughout the industry as the leader in accurate, reliable reporting. Now, ShowCycle leverages the power of over 50 reports, addressing every conceivable need for your event sales. Quick, easy, and intuitive, Showcycle generates reports as detailed as you like. Plus, it boasts a built-in Report and Dashboard Wizard to make custom reports even easier. Glean insights based on real data specific to your needs at any given time. You’re not tied to the system, either. Reports are fully exportable to Excel or in CSV format.


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